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Newsletter N°1/2009 -Corporate social responsibility ARD promotes the economic development through the values of social equity and environmental respect: values that are part of a corporate programme in continuous evolution based on the 10 Principles of the "UN Global Compact".



Newsletter N°3/2009 - IPACK-IMA 2009 In occasione dell'imminente kermesse internazionale "Ipack-Ima 2009",  lo staff ARD sarà a Sua  completa disposizione per fornirle informazioni dettagliate sulla propria gamma produttiva.


Rambler's Top100  

serie FL-800


                   MAGNETIC FL-800



※ High temperature and sticky free L bar sealing knife, sealing action without smoking and burned. Sealed part is tidy and clean.
※ Covering Teflon on the sealing knife.
※ After sealing action, packing product go in the shrink tunnel automatically by the conveyor belt.
※ Conveyor belt is adjustable on the high by a hand wheel.
※ Sealing time is controlled accurately by time delay.
※ Double electromagnets make stronger pressure.
※ Adjustable film layer with needle device, it is able to fit different size film, max 550mm.
※ Up sealing frame controlled by cylinder.
※ Sealing knife has hot protection device on.
※ Matching with shrink tunnel can reach a high packing speed.

Scope of Application

※ Suitable for electrical products, hardwares, softwares, food, printing products, medications, floor boards, ceramics etc's packing.
※ Suitable for PVC, POF, PP film's using.

Model FL-800
Machine dimension L×W×H(mm) 1560×725×1040
Max packing size L×W×H(mm) 450×400×250
Max sealing size L×W×H(mm) 550×450
Packing speed(pcs/h) 800-1200
Net weight (kg) 125
Power (kw) 1.2
Power supply 1φ110V/220V 50/60Hz


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